In June I took a little vacation with my boyfriend’s family to Paxos (Paxi) a little island of the coast of Corfu, Greece. I confess I did not really know anything about the island, or let alone where it was geography…but nevertheless I packed my back Friday night and was on the plane Saturday afternoon. It was a 4 hour plane ride, which I confess I was quite surprised by; for some reason I got it in my head that Greece was only a couple of hours away #needtogetagrip We landed in Corfu quite late in the evening, and proceed… View Post

There is always that one person; the person who sits at their desk with their headphones in for most of the day. Initially you think it is really rude, that they don’t want to socialise; but then as you settle into your role and you realise they are bang on the money. Constant interruptions are common in the workplace, we all know that! So what can we do to minimise unnecessary interruptions? My lovely friend Sara wrote a piece on colleague interruptions a while back, but I thought I would delve a little further into the reasons as to why headphones… View Post

Look at me now! Another ramble is upon us and there has been plenty of stuff happening. It has been a great month for me in regards to my personal life, on the work front it has been a little more sedentary but otherwise pleasant; however my consumption of media has increased dramatically. Plus raise your hands for me as I managed to get out a post nearly every week #winning. Getting Greece-d Right first things first, my birthday! I was really lucky and that my boyfriend’s family took me away to Greece. We stayed two nights in Corfu and… View Post

I am one of those people that will sign up for free courses on-line, but I never really sign up for a paid one. Why? Because I find a lot of the course hardly value for money. However when Xandra from Herione Training released the letters from jane austen email course, I impulsively clicked BUY straight away. I confess I didn’t really read into what the email course was about, I have always been a big Jane Austen fan and over the years I always read/watched any Austen I could get my hands on. I also put it down to being… View Post

Since moving to London, I have had the pleasure of meeting some fabulous people. On person in particularly is the lovely Caroline Gellatly, she  has been a game changer in me settling into London Life. She is a wonderful woman, who brings magic and charisma wherever she goes. She also has given me the chance to take a sneak peak into her world of Philanthropy and what an inspiring place to be! So I decided the best way to share her with you all, is to interview her of course! Could you please tell everyone a little about yourself, what do… View Post