I have decided that September is a great month, for me it is leaving an toxic company and moving into a new vibrant one. Working out where to take my bestie to while they are in London, and also helping my friend work on their website to make it user friendly! Now can you see why September is becoming a favourite month?! So let me get into my ramble: since June I have, visited two castles, moved into a new place that has an amazing view! and got a new job after countless interviews!?! Not to mention I went on… View Post

Another long weekend, another staycation. I know most of you would have used your long weekend to hope somewhere more tropical, or just another country in general; I know that is the beauty of living in Europe. However for me at the moment I am taking the chance to explore England, if you have seen my social media, you would definitely have picked up on the fact that I am a big castle fan. I get that some people find castles boring, after a while they all start to “look the same”; but for me it is pure enjoyment every… View Post

In June I took a little vacation with my boyfriend’s family to Paxos (Paxi) a little island of the coast of Corfu, Greece. I confess I did not really know anything about the island, or let alone where it was geography…but nevertheless I packed my back Friday night and was on the plane Saturday afternoon. It was a 4 hour plane ride, which I confess I was quite surprised by; for some reason I got it in my head that Greece was only a couple of hours away #needtogetagrip We landed in Corfu quite late in the evening, and proceed… View Post

There is always that one person; the person who sits at their desk with their headphones in for most of the day. Initially you think it is really rude, that they don’t want to socialise; but then as you settle into your role and you realise they are bang on the money. Constant interruptions are common in the workplace, we all know that! So what can we do to minimise unnecessary interruptions? My lovely friend Sara wrote a piece on colleague interruptions a while back, but I thought I would delve a little further into the reasons as to why headphones… View Post

Look at me now! Another ramble is upon us and there has been plenty of stuff happening. It has been a great month for me in regards to my personal life, on the work front it has been a little more sedentary but otherwise pleasant; however my consumption of media has increased dramatically. Plus raise your hands for me as I managed to get out a post nearly every week #winning. Getting Greece-d Right first things first, my birthday! I was really lucky and that my boyfriend’s family took me away to Greece. We stayed two nights in Corfu and… View Post