Admit it, when you were sick as a kid nothing beats mum or dad waiting on you hand and foot. Fast forward 10-15 years and you are now living on your own or in a flat. No one is there to hold your hand or bring you food. If you are living with a significant other, well lucky you! You can just come back later…wait I take that back, read this just in case they might be away when you fall ill!! Not so long ago I came down with a pretty nasty head cold, safe to say bed rest… View Post

I am told I am quite mad for walking 40 minutes to work. For a while there I did think I was quite mental for doing it, but now I disagree. There are plenty of articles on the internet claiming you need to move more, the recommendations start from doing calf lifts at work to lunchtime gym sessions. All of these recommendations are great, but it got me thinking…wouldn’t it be great if you could unconsciously add fitness to your daily routine? There are plenty of fitness blogger out there that can give you some amazing advice on how to improve… View Post

Have you ever spoken to someone on the phone and found their phone manner to be absolutely appalling? I know many of us dread speaking on the phone, its can be quite personal and there can be this unspoken pressure. In today’s society, people are using non-verbal communication as their main form to communicate. Though before starting telling me all the legal reason why email is essential, let me just clarify something. Calling your client, colleague or friend, is still more efficient than email, due to the fact that you can ask all the questions you need in one conversation.… View Post

It is finally over, the January blues are now officially gone! Do you know how? Well because Pay Day has come that’s way! Over the past 3 weeks, I have been reading a ridiculous amount of articles based on the January blues. Which I have to confess is utterly insane…I mean why do we need to focus/create this idea the January is glum?! January for me is about working out the kinks. Whether that may be financial, health or social kinks. For me it was financial…let’s just say that I spent way too much while I was on holiday, so,… View Post

In my last post, I spoke about getting your groove back when it comes to your first day back after the festive season. Since posting I have discovered a side of the new year that I think quite a few people really struggle with, and that is Patience. Let me explain. The new year has descended and you are back in full swing, you have started work and probably have a list of goals that you want to achieve this year. However, after two weeks back, you start to feel frustrated. Someone at work took your idea for a project… View Post