The festive season is over and has been officially over for a few weeks now. Many of us are still struggling to get into the groove of everyday life, whether it may be getting up at the same time every day or not drink bubbly every not. The festivities are now done and you feel like you are never going to get out of this slump. January blues anyone? But darling all is not lost! I refuse to allow these blues to bring me down. I designed this plan a few years back after I suffer severely from festive withdrawals,… View Post

Happy 2017 my Waywards! How was your New Years Eve? Did you get up to mischief or did you have a quiet one surrounded by your close friends? For me, I decided to go to a small town called Bruges (Brugge). It was quite cold and really foggy at times but it was charming and exactly where I wanted to be to celebrate the New Year. Instead of taking a flight or train, Alex and I went on his motorbike. Just to give you a perspective, it was 1 hr and 30 mins to Dover to catch the ferry. 2… View Post

The end of year review is finally here, I have now officially lived in London for the whole of 2016! How was your year? Did you create some magical experiences? Have you started thinking about your goals for 2017? This year has been a real roller coaster, switching jobs, moving to a new place and going on all sorts of adventures. The one thing I definitely can take away from this year is that I am much stronger than what I think I am. Testing boundaries is a challenge for anyone, but even you just push a little you will… View Post

Want to make a mark on 2017? Tired of feeling like you have not achieved anything? Wanting to see improvements in certain areas of your life? Over the last two years I have been printing off new years checklists. What may you ask might those be? Well they are a practical sheet that helps you plan out the year ahead, different people have different ideas about what is important to them. So I keep finding myself downloading a selection of checklists, I mean it is great repetition but also terribly annoying lugging around stacks of paper. What I have ended… View Post

I can feel it in the air this year. This will be my second Christmas in London and I am quite excited about it! Last year I just wandered around one or two markets and decorated my tree at home, but I still think I didn’t get the elements of what a Winter Christmas is all about. However this year I think I have nailed it, so I wanted to share my ideas of what makes a Winter Christmas special. This is coming from someone who is used to having a Summer Christmas!! Christmas Markets – Markets are the best… View Post